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Post by Simonisthenameofmycat on Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:35 pm

Out Of Character

What is your average total play time on our server?: Like 6 or 8 hours

What makes you want to join the force?: Access to the nexus, not to be beat with a stunstick all the time, and the uniforms.

Have you been on the MPF force on any other server? If so, what rank did you reach?: No i have not

What is your experience on HL2RP as a whole?:i began playing it after i finished half life 2 about a month ago but i didn't start playing it alot until recently.

20 line RP example as a CCA unit. joe would radio <10-26>
Joe kicks open door
"Citizen on the wall!"
*Citizen would attempt to run*
Joe shoots citizens knees
*Citizen collapses*
Joe would execute citizen
"I'm sorry i'm terrible at making up rp situations"


Name: Joe Mcjoeson


In-Game Description:Brown hair, Green eyes, Fair skin

Concise Backstory (2 paragraphs, 7 lines each): (Do i really got to do this? fine) A citizen transferred from city 8 to city 17, He was always a firm believer in the combines goal and tried his best to be loyal. After living in the city for a while he decided it would be best to get involved with the local cps, After learning the basic procedures for joining he would write out his application and send it to the administrator. (In other words god "the console" said join the union you dipshit)

Motivation For Joining: To help the union withhold order until humanity is ready to be accepted into the combines ranks.


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Post by Soap! on Tue Jun 28, 2016 10:52 pm

Ok, listen I know you're new to the server and HL2 rp in general. Everybody started where you did. And I'm glad you're showing initiative. However, initiative doesn't always mean quality, and your rp from what I've seen is not up to parr, however that is normal for you are learning. My advice? Wait around a bit, make yourself known in the community. Get better at roleplay through experience. I'm sorry but as it stands -Support

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Post by Mum on Tue Jun 28, 2016 11:28 pm

As it stands, you have not met any of the application requirements. You did not include 20 detailed roleplay lines, or even 2 paragraphs for the backstory. I agree with Soap. While I believe you have decent roleplay, your application failed to impress.

This application has been Denied

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