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New CCA Ratio Empty New CCA Ratio

Post by Soap! on Wed Jun 29, 2016 4:12 pm

There has always been a ratio for CCA, however it is not being formally posted, it is the exact same as the rebel ratio to instate balance for both factions.

In short, one CCA for 2 citizens(Which can be rebels, as long as they have the Citizen, CWU, or Vortiguant whitelist, they count towards the ratio)

If the staff team notices that there are more CCA than the ratio allots we will kindly ask the most recently flagged CCA officer to flag to a citizen character, if they do not flag; one more warning will be given if that doesn't happen. They will be forced onto a citizen character by the staff team. Repeat offences may lead to de-rankings or character deletions.

This helps ensures happy and healthy role play for all factions involved

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