Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED)

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Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED) Empty Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED)

Post by Vul on Wed Jun 29, 2016 5:51 pm

What is your average total time on our server?: I'd say about an Day or so.

How did the vortigaunts arrive on Earth?: They arrived as soon as the Resonance Cascade occurred.

How much experience do you have in HL2RP?: Playing since early 2013, about 3 or Four years give or take.

Have you been a vortigaunt on any other servers?: Yes, I have. I was both an Enslaved Vort (Biotic) one two servers and a Free Vort on the same Two. (Escaped one the other was a test that I kept)

20 (15 is the new, but want to copy the Format.) Line RP example as a enslaved or free vortigaunt. : Well to Start you'd have to know how each of them act in the two different Roles. All Vorts speak in a 3rd person style.

For example a Enslaved Vortigaunt or an Biotic is a 'public servant' For the Combine or Universal Union. Mainly for cleaning duty, using it's Broom or mop to sweep the streets or clean up blood stains or vomit. They are to also treat Units and the CA as if they are Gods listening to every command that is given.
If not expect a beating. Biotic's are not allowed to Speak unless spoken too unless it is a plea to clean or work (For most servers) and are not allowed to speak to Citizens. If they do they are to be beaten and thrown back into their holding cell until they are forced to clean again, they are taught their lives mean nothing unless being used to further the UU.
This varies with Each Enslaved Vort, some will Submit and some with force their way through it in hopes of one day being Free once more.

Now here comes a Free Vort, their bondage to the UU has been broken and are in hiding trying the hardest they can to avoid contact with CCA/MPF Ground units to avoid re-capture. They live a life of filth but a life of Freedom, they spend their time Hiding and running from CP's.
If it comes to it they are able to fight, due to the bond that repressed the Vortessance being Broken depending on how long they have been free they can use the Vortessance to Fight back against any CP that comes in contact with them. along with using their Sharp Claws to cut at their Foe's Weak spots such as.. The neck, Stumic, Face, Ears, Fingers. Along with other spots they are able to cut.
The Primary focus of a Free Vort is to stay that way, FREE. If fighting they should try to get away and hide as quickly as possible to avoid Re-Capture and to avoid being Slaves once more to the UU. Where they could loose Limbs, or be beaten to near death for being Re-Captured.

Enslaved Vort

A Unit walks into an Enslaved Vort's Holding Cell, walking to the door and opening it*

::<CCA-c17-55628>:: :"Biotic, Come with me. Right now."

BIOTIC.61251: "Yesss, We shall Follow."

The Unit and the Vort walk out of the Cell and the Nexus, Reaching the town Square.

::<CCA-c17-55628>:: :"Alright, Biotic I want you to sweep the Plaza, pick up trash and throw it away. Got it? Oh and don't leave my sight unless you want a Beating.."

The Vortigaunt Nods, not wishing to speak to the Masked one. Walking a few feet away sweeping away dust from the street and side walks. It takes about 15 Minuets to finish one side.*

::<CCA-c17-55628>:: Yells "Botic! Hurry the hell up if you want Dinner!"

The Unit, looks around messing with Stun Baton settings while eyeing the Biotic, just wanting to beat it for the fun of beating the shit out of it.*

The Biotic lowers his head, sweeping much faster than he had before cleaning most of the other half before a Curious Citizen comes along, trying to speak with him.*

Josh Hankle "Uh..Wh..What are you..!?"

BIOTIC.61251:"We mustn't speak with the Human, Go before the Masked one See's This Body.."

The Citizen walks off, shrugging as the Biotic quickly swept the rest of the Plaza, walking back to the Unit and heading back to the Cell..

::<CCA-c17-55628>:: : "Alright Biotic, in you cell. Move it, I'll think about feeding you."

The unit walks off, leaving the Vortigaunt to find a spot to lay down and hope for food..*

The unit never came back, leaving the Vortigaunt without food sleeping on the cold floor once more.
Free Vort.

The Vortigaunt is running from the plaza, heading towards the slums being spotted trying to find food in the City, he takes various turns ending up facing a lone unit, he doesn't have his weapon out. He looks back to hear Stomping boots, facing back towards the Lone Unit*

::<CCA-c17-75124>:: Radios "Need help, Rouge Biotic at my 10-20!" He is unable to finish his radio call, the Vortigaunt lunging at him, clawing various times to bring the Unit down

Vul'Kaal: "The masked one will stay! This body doesn't wish to inflict more harm on The masked one!" He'd yell finishing his assault..

::<CCA-c17-75124>:: :"AAAGH!" The Unit would yell, echoing in the alley they were in, The unit falling to the ground holding his head and curling up into a ball, unable to fight any longer, blood pouring from his wounds..The Vortigaunt Runs off, finding his way into the Slums..

<Various Units> "Union, Respond? What's your 10-20!?" There is no response, his Bio-life Indicator going off showing that he had died, alerting all units. The sound of Boots stomping echoing once more. "No Viscon! All units Ripcord, call an Inspection on all Citizens! I want those Slums swept and that thing captured!"

The Sirens go off, the Dispatcher call an inspection and for all Citizens to go to their Designated Inspection Area, any resistance will be Delt with Swiftly CODE: LOCK, Cauterize, STABLIZE.

The Vortigaunt runs back into the Sewers, hoping to hide from the Masked ones, running to his little Hold up and curling up. His body bruised and bloody from the attack. Shaking and breathing Jaggedly fearing if this was the end..?

Sounds of Boots storming the Slums was all he could hear, they searched low and high. Luckily the Unit searching for him was un-experienced. He got lucky, it wouldn't happen again and he HAD to be more careful next time. Although for him Death was merely another part of life, as he would be Reborn. That doesn't mean he wouldn't enjoy Death.

Laying there he wondered if any other Vortigaunts had escaped, he could use the company. The rats weren't enough for him.

A few days later.

<Various Guards> "Citizen, hold it right there. Apply" They seem to be guarding the Slums, weary of anyone entering.

Citizen: "Jake Nabon, 33121" He'd respond, reading his I.D card he had with him.

<Various Guards> "Alright, you can go.

Jake Nabon: "Alright, thanks.." He'd move into the slums searching for the Vort, soon finding him and handing him a backpack full of food and water. "It's all I could get, sorry I can't stay they have this place locked down, good to see you again.." The man Runs off, waiting a bit before he left the Slums pale and scared to face the guards once again..

Vul'Kaal: "We Thank, The Human" He'd peek inside the Backpack, smiling at all the food "This Body, is in debt to The Human, Yesss." He'd respond once more, setting the backpack aside and waving as the man left his company.


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Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED)

Post by Draconic on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:14 pm

+ Good job, excellent application.

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Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED)

Post by Mum on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:34 pm

You provided excellent vortigaunt roleplay examples. I can see a lot of good things coming from you. As such, your application has been Accepted

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Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Vortigaunt Application. (ACCEPTED)

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