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Post by jankut on Thu Jun 30, 2016 4:17 pm

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What are you suggesting?: I joined the server, got access to the rebel base, and was labelled a rebel under 10 minutes, just because I went to the sewers.
What I'm suggesting is basically a new system for the server. The one thing I liked about LP was that it actually took time and effort to become a rebel. I'm suggesting you borrow their system, and 'modify' it to the point where it isn't considered just straight-up stealing.
Their system was very simple -- for you to actually be a real recognized rebel, you needed to go to the construction area of industrial, wait for a rebel, and ask him for the prices of 3 items: a gas mask, a few filters, and a suit. Those were pretty pricy items. It took at least a few days to gather one item. You also had the risk of getting robbed, and having one of those items removed by a CP. Usually, you would also buy a weapon for protection, due to the fact that getting robbed was a big risk. Another thing that really made the system work was that if you died, you got instantly PKed. That stopped the overflow of rebels over time.

Another small, maybe even trivial suggestion would be that an admin doesn't "cheat" in items and sell them, but you craft items out of fabric, metals and such.

Why do you think this would help the server?: It'd completely fix the problem with having an overload of rebels, it'd even the loyalist/rebel ratio, and overall make the server more fun. A big problem I see with servers is that the players get into the rebel base in the first day, get gear, and then ask themselves "what now" and instantly get bored with nothing to do. It'd create competition between rebels, and make the server overall more alive and fun.

Would it be easy to implement?: Not really. It'd require a pretty big makeover of the server.

Who does the change affect?: Everyone.

There are a few things that I left out because I was just too lazy to implement them. If you were left confused, feel free to ask a question.

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Post by Soap! on Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:19 pm

I like the idea of implementing a system to limit the rebels further; because I've seen servers live and die based on how op the rebels are. I'm not on board however to borrow LP's system instead making our own, I don't exactly know what'd it be. But we can have a staff meeting about it. Thank you for the suggestion.

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