Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED)

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Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by roleplay master on Fri Jul 01, 2016 7:14 pm

Out Of Character

What is your average total play time on our server?: I've played for a part of one day
What makes you want to join the force?: It's my go-to faction for HL2RP; it's what I most enjoy playing as, and I feel it is interesting to be a member of.
Have you been on the MPF force on any other server? If so, what rank did you reach?: I've been in the MPF on nearly every server I play on, and have attained all the ranks up to the rank of Sectorial.
What is your experience on HL2RP as a whole?: I've played the gamemode for several years, and have done basically everything possible in the gamemode over time.

15 line RP example as a CCA unit.

**CPT.C17-UNION-04.28163 would be stationary at the checkpoint to the train station, twirling his baton and briefly looking about the station. So far, it had been a quiet day. The unit would divert his attention to his front, as a citizen would approach the checkpoint.

CPT.C17-UNION-04.28163 says, <:: Good afternoon, citizen. Apply. ::>

**John Smith would nod, lowering a hand into his pocket and shuffling around for his ID. "Alright, one moment officer."

CPT.C17-UNION-04.28163 says, <:: Got i- ::>

**The unit would be cut off by the sound of a shout and rapid footsteps to his rear preceding it. The unit would quickly turn to face an oncoming citizen, drawing his baton, and somewhat startled by his sudden approach.

CPT.C17-UNION-04.28163 says, <:: Citizen, what seems to be the issue? ::>

**Joe Schmo would continue a fast jog straight into the unit as he speaks, directly impacting and crashing into the 04, sending both of them tumbling.

**CPT.C17-UNION-04.28163 would be taken completely by surprise, although with relative ease still able to flick his baton quickly onto the 'High' setting, and sending his weapon in a horizontal arc directly into the assailant on top of him.

**Joe Schmo would take a direct hit, still dazed from his collision into the officer, stumbling back off of the unit and tumbling onto the floor, clutching his mid section.

Joe Schmo yells, "Ah, you little fuck!"

**As the 04 would rise, holstering his baton and reaching straight for his USP handgun instead of his radio. His hand would clench the gun holster, and the unit would freeze in absolute terror as he feels its barrel jabbed into his back.

John Smith says, "Forget something, plastic boy?"

**CPT.C17-UNION-04.28163 would panic, attempting to jerk away from the citizen in a foolish move, the gun cracking and sending two rounds straight into his back at extremely close range. The unit topples to the floor of the checkpoint, desperately fumbling for his radio as he bleeds profusely, before seemingly thunderous footsteps are clearly audible behind him. He peers over, viewing the citizen he had been checking, now the arbiter of his death, right before him.

**John Smith would maintain silent as he would stare at the unit, briefly, before in one swift motion raising the gun and sending two rounds directly into the unit's neck, leaving him choking on his own blood with no chance of survival. He would quickly help his partner up, the men scavenging the helpless 04 before the previously struck man would stomp on his neck, finishing him off with a definitive screech of his biosignal. The other man would curse, the two sprinting from the station, leaving the 04's ruined corpse dead on the tiled floor.


Name: Peter Marson
Age: 27
In-Game Description: A rather unremarkable figure, having a lean build and appearing to be around 5'11. The man speaks with a gruff, low voice, with a hint of a Southern accent being audible. He appears rather ragged, wearing worn and dirty attire and featuring disheveled facial hair.
Concise Backstory (2 paragraphs, 4 lines each):

Peter Marson was born in New York City in 1984, into a rather low income family. Being a rather reserved and quiet kid, Peter did not make many friends. Losing his parents at the age of 10 to a home invasion when he was at school, Peter began to develop a resentment of sorts towards others, blaming their deaths on humanity. As soon as Peter was 18, he dropped out of school and wandered the streets, broke and a drifter.

When the Portal Storms ravaged the Earth, Peter remained safe in New York City, watching street conflicts unfold between looters, military, and ravenous creatures throughout the years of increasing severity. Whether it be humans being literally ripped to pieces or killed by their own desperate neighbors and friends, the situation became more glum as the years carried on. Remaining a homeless drifter, maintaining it was safer to keep on the move than to hunker down and paint himself a target, Peter wandered the streets throughout the crisis. One day, awoken  from a particularly comfy trash pile by screaming citizens, he rose to see the Combine’s invasion of Earth unfolding before his eyes. Hiding in the filthy sewers with others, he surrendered two hours  after the surrender of Earth.  

‘City 17’, a sprawling metropolis, became Peter’s new home. Resuming his usual ways as a squatter as he had been for long preceding the War, he easily and carefully observed the nature of this new "Civil Protection", and how best to adapt to the new world he was in. He observed the brutality of the Union, but in the early days of the occupation, also the desperation of people to inflict damage upon the Union as much as they could. To some, it was if the war had not ended; Peter in his first days witnessed mass scale bomb detonations and street fights orchestrated by local terrorists and rebels, which killed those of both combatant factions and civilians alike. Witnessed the rebels careless attitude in regards to civilian life in the early days, as well as hearing the myths of a hot shower and meal in Civil Protection convinced him; Soon after his arrival, Peter spent days perfecting his application, determined to enter Civil Protection.

Motivation For Joining: I feel that enlistment and service in the Metropolice Force will allow me to give back, in return for what the UU has done for me, and for mankind as a whole.

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Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Draconic on Fri Jul 01, 2016 9:06 pm

Excellent. +

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Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Soap! on Sat Jul 02, 2016 10:27 am

Your application was very good; I really enjoyed how human your O4 was. You've got my +Support ifyoujoinunion

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Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Bravo's MPF Application (ACCEPTED)

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