Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

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Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Kai Wadley on Wed Jul 06, 2016 11:55 pm

Out Of Character

What is your average total play time on our server?: About ad day or so, but I plan to go from all my time on Combine Control to a more in depth HL2 Roleplay.

What makes you want to join the force?: I Love MPF roleplay and have so much fun enforcing the laws of the new world.

Have you been on the MPF force on any other server? If so, what rank did you reach?: I have reached up to Squad Leader on many Combine Control servers, I understand there is an RP gap but I am a quick learner in Role Play.

What is your experience on HL2RP as a whole?: As I have mentioned I played a lot of Combine Control, but I too have played Hlf Life 2 Roleplay quite a bit, and I very much enjoy the Citizen side and hope to learn the MPF side.
15 line RP example as a CCA unit.

**Bob Good would be rushing towards the MPF unit as fast as he can, and his intention is unknown

**i5.425 would draw his Sidearm and flick off the safety

[YELL] <:: HALT! ::>

**Bob Good would halt, and plunge his hands into his pockets

[RADIO] i5.425 "<:: 10-24 to 10-20 D2, Citizen rushing officer with unknown intent"

[RADIO] i3.326 "<:: 10-17 ::>

**i3.326 would arrive , and draw his sidearm like i5.425 and flick off the safety

i3.326 "<:: On my go, we move i and apprehend the suspect  ::>

**i5.425 would nod

**i3.326 would signal and move in with  i5.425 with him

**Bob Good would draw a pistol and aim at the units

**i5.425 Would swiftly fire many rounds at Bob Good

**i5.425 rolled 76/100

**Bob Good rolled 60/100

**Bob good would die from receiving a round to the chest, puncturing his lung,  and he would suffocate


Name: Kai Wadley
Age: 30 Years of Age
In-Game Description:
Concise Backstory (2 paragraphs, 4 lines each):

Kai Wadley was born in Texas, on June 9th. He lived in De Soto for many years of his life. Bye the time he was two years of age, his parents divorced and he kept his Father's name. He lived with his father, not by choice, but he had no complaints. His parent's shared him evenly until he was old enough to move out.

As he became an adult the world was a terrible place. There was crime and sadness, all around him, there was poverty and corruption, and all he could do is watch the world ruin itself. In the events of the Black Mesa incident, he was scared, he thought it as over, all over, the world was a battlefield and humanity wasn't winning. When the combine finally established rule he understood what happened, the combine saved humanity by eliminating all the horrid things in the world, and from that day forth, how understood the Combine didn't invade earth, they saved it.

Motivation For Joining: I wish to serve our benefactors for what they have done. There are some who refuse to take on change, no matter how great it is for us all. People have yet to completely understand all the Universal Union has done for us and I wish to enforce their regulations on the citizens of the City 17 Industrial zone. I wish to ensure civilization will continue under the correct union, the Universal Union.

Kai Wadley

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Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Soap! on Thu Jul 07, 2016 12:40 am

Rp example was ok, only real problem was we're a P2L server, not a roll one. Backstory again, ok; we're in need of some units so as long as your in game rp picks up a bit I see no problem in giving you a +support

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Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Mum on Thu Jul 07, 2016 3:52 pm

Bob... Good... GOOD! Accepted

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Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

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