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Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED) Empty Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED)

Post by Cfel on Thu Jul 07, 2016 9:01 am

What is your average total time on our server?: Been on for almost a day I think.

How did the vortigaunts arrive on Earth?: Through the Resonance Cascade caused through the Black Mesa incident during Half life 1

How much experience do you have in HL2RP?: Started small and new in 2012, slowly built on the experience to this day so 4 years.

Have you been a vortigaunt on any other servers?: Yes, on one server I definitely remember. The server went by the name False Liberties, then changed many times till it eventually shut down due to disagreements with the coder and staff. I was mostly an enslaved Vortigaunt, never got free.

20 Line RP example as a enslaved or free vortigaunt.


::<CCA-c17-40671>:: : "Biotic. Follow me. Now."

BIOTIC.77319: "Thisss one will follow."

The officer would lead the Biotic into the Nexus lobby, stopping before turning around.

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: : "We. And by we I mean you. Are going to go clean the town square. Don't go out of my sight and don't talk to citizens, both will be met with consequences. And don't be a smart aleck and think it's ok to do something I didn't list a punishment for, do what your damn assignment and you won't have any problems." The officer unholstered his stun baton, flicking it on that was signaled by a few sparks to ensure everything was clear.

BIOTIC.77319 would nod obediently.

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: would give a slight smile under his mask. Maybe today he wouldn't have to waste his energy on beating a biotic within an inch of its life. "Alright, good to see we're speaking the same language then." He then walked outside making sure the biotic was close behind.

BIOTIC.77319 would follow behind.

The morning was one of those special mornings. The sun for once could be seen without the smoke of factories and smog to block its view. As the two walked through the force field, they came upon the central area of the city. Few citizens were out since it was early morning.

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: : "Alright, now clean." The officer would stand at his post behind the barricades as he kept his eyes on the biotic.

BIOTIC.77319 would go to a bench and begins sweeping under it with his broom.

Half an hour would pass and soon, central was populated with citizens. A group of three were around the vortigaunt, curious as they had never seen on otherworldly being.

Malnourished Caucasian Male: "Never have been able to get a chance to see them up close."

Tall African-American Male: "Hey alien, you speak our language?"

BIOTIC.77319 would remain silent, continuing his assignment. Sweeping the dust off the side of a vending machine.

Tall African-American Male: "Hey, you deaf or you truly don't speak our language?!"

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: would walk over to the small group of citizens crowded around the biotic. "Citizens."

The group would turn towards the officer.

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: "Disperse. Now."

The group would then leave the biotic and officer.

By the time it was late morning, the biotic had cleaned off every bit of the plaza.

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: : "Alright biotic, time to go inside. I'd say you did a better job than a pack a citizens could do...maybe I should have you clean my boots later."

BIOTIC.77319 would say nothing and remain silent.

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: : "Anyway, I'd say you're deserving some food."

The two would head back inside the nexus, following a path toward the Biotic holding cells.

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: : "Get in and I'll be back with some food."

BIOTIC.77319 would walk in and wait in a corner as the door closed behind him.

Hours would pass. No food came. However by mid-day the sound of boots walking close by the holding cells got the biotic's attention.

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: : "Room service, we apologize we were late, there were some priority individuals we had to attend to."

::<CCA-c17-40671>:: "Haha."

A bowl of mashed headcrab and antlion meat mixed with some weird paste was slid in when the door opened. Then the officer left.

BIOTIC.77319 would look at the so called "food" but at least, he had 'something' to eat. He picked up the bowl, walking to a corner of the cell and began to devour the crude meal.



The sewers were quiet, and smelly. As usual. A lone Vortigaunt walked with extreme attention to the sound of his footsteps.

Zombie would make growling noises and small bits of phrases as it walked around a corner.

Mizow would hear the noises, quieting his steps as he got closer. The vortigaunt didn't see the zombie...yet. But he was close enough to hear the growling almost as if the zombie was within arm's reach.

The Zombie would round the corner and immediately take a swipe downward at the vortigaunt with its right claws.

Mizow would recoil from the strike. Holding his left shoulder in pain. He'd immediately back away. Putting some distance between him and the zombie.

The Zombie would make a slow paced walk towards the vortigaunt. Relentless in its slow, unflinching pursuit.

Mizow would take a moment to refocus. He would allow the zombie to come close as both of his arms became ready to fight, uncovering his wound.

The Zombie would make a downward swipe with both arms.

Mizow would grab both arms with his own to prevent the strike.

The Zombie kept pressing down, its claws getting ever closer to the vortigaunts head. Unlike the vortigaunt, it didn't tire. It would be under a minute before the vortigaunt would lose his strength.

Mizow would struggle, he then looked at the headcrab on the zombie's head. His right hand released its grip on the zombie's left, he slammed his hand into the headcrab.

The zombie would fall back, but not with out it's left hand striking Mizow on the right shoulder.

Before the zombie got up Mizow slammed his foot onto the zombie's right arm and then jammed both of his sharp claws into the headcrab, piercing the skin and flesh of the parasite.

The Zombie would thrash around a bit, trying to claw at Mizow's  left leg before slowly stopping, the body then lifeless.

Mizow would wince a bit as the claws scratched at his leg. After the zombie stopped moving he held the new wound he had on his right shoulder with his left hand.

The sound of approaching zombies could be heard coming from further down the tunnel. Accompanied with the sounds of rats crawling away from the approaching horde.

Mizow would retreat back to where he came. He was in no shape to fight, not after that zombie caught him by surprise.

Mizow returned to his haven, a small hidden area off to the side of the main path. He laid down across from the crimson light.

The sound of the horde moving could be heard. The disorganized shambling of twenty or thirty zombies could be heard.

Mizow stayed quiet, not even breathing as he saw the horde through the dimly lit tunnel pass him.

The sound of gunfire attracted the horde and they turned to see a pair of OTA soldiers with pulse rifles blasting through. Within a minute filled with gunfire and bodies dropping, the horde was massacred.

Mizow stayed where he was, waiting as the OTA soldiers passed.

The soldiers would pass after notifying dispatch of a clean sweep. Leaving as the sound of their boots hitting the ground got quieter.

Mizow would slowly doze off, for now he had to let his wounds heal. At the very least he was alive, alive and free.

Last edited by Archangel on Mon Jul 11, 2016 10:42 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : Needs a few corrections and Free Vort Example)


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Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED)

Post by Draconic on Thu Jul 07, 2016 6:48 pm

I loved the RP example. You clearly have my

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Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED)

Post by Cfel on Sat Jul 09, 2016 1:32 pm

Going to do a bit of an edit. Heard to also have access to a free vort I need to submit a Free Vort RP example.


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Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED)

Post by Cfel on Sun Jul 10, 2016 5:56 pm

Alright, finished with the edits. Now the wait.


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Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED)

Post by Savador Frost on Mon Jul 11, 2016 2:59 pm

+Support This man is a good Role player.

Savador Frost

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Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED)

Post by Mum on Mon Jul 11, 2016 7:03 pm


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Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Cfel's Vortigaunt App (ACCEPTED)

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