Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

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Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Sergeant Russian on Thu Jul 07, 2016 1:56 pm


What is your average total play time on our server?: I've only started playing on this server recently.

What makes you want to join the force?: For the most part and, ever since I've started roleplaying on Garry's Mod I grew to enjoy roleplaying as a Officer of the Civil Force or Soldier of the Overwatch Transhuman Arm. Even more so after more and more server's started to need players like yourself and I to take the role to a serious level. Completely ignoring the idea of becoming a Rogue Unit and actually create a character with a permanent within the Universal Union.. For example, making a character that is rather lazy or relaxed personality but still get's his assignment done exceptionally well or an extremist loyalist that will break both is mind, and body to make sure the Universal Union reach their goal. Personally, I enjoy roleplaying as both from time to time.

Have you been on the MPF force on any other server? If so, what rank did you reach?: I've actually been able ro reach a fair amount of Ranks and Division's as both a Civil Force, and Transhuman Arm with a couple of year's of roleplay experience under my metaphorically belt. But to answer the question more directly I've gone as fas as to reach Sectorial Commander once by making a single server my main for about a whole year before stepping down to have another person take the role, shortly after taking a break from roleplaying for about a year or two since school and work was making my play-time rather difficult to schedulize. Now coming to this server after leaving Rocket Propelled Chainsaw (HaloRP-Based Server) to try and roleplay the faction I loved the most.

What is your experience on HL2RP as a whole?: I can honestly say that the two-year break from Garry's Mod has left me rusty with my roleplay as a whole.. But, it doesn't mean that I can mark myself off the 'Advanced Roleplayer' List so easily just yet.

15 line RP example as a CCA unit.

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 would begin to move himself into the Nexus Armory; Walking past the collection of Utility Locker's before reaching his own, the Utility Locker's label reading,''47311''.

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 would take hold of the key-chain he was carrying around his waist, beginning to open up his Utility Locker..

** Inside; The Apex Unit would find his Standard Issue Headgear, Gas-Mask Filter, Uniform, Kevlar Vest, Civil-Force Identification Card, P.D.A, Dual-Utility Belt, Stun-Baton and his issued USP with two set's of 9MM Ammunition.

** The Apex Unit began to put on his BDU, Kevlar Vest and Equipment. Setting up the radio frequency to his hand-held radio device before hearing a distress call from a fellow officer..
** <:: Officer taking fire. Requesting immediate assistance! I repeat, 11-99! Officer need's assistance! ::>

**CCA-APEX.05.47311 would swiftly place the USP inside the holster, sprinting out of the Nexus Armory; Pushing the side of his hand-held radio before yelling into it,''Inbound to that 10-20, requesting all nearby Unit's to close in on that Bio-signal! We've got possible heavy 647E Contact's; Unknown number.'' Still sprinting to the back Nexus Entrance listening carefully to what the Commanding Officer had to say.

** As the Apex Unit made his way out of the Nexus; Multiple Civil-Force Alarm's would be heard going off.. Announcing that all Industrial Citizen's must quickly move inside their apartment's for an Identity Check. A heavy amount of Metropolice Force's swarming the Slum's District before the situation got out of hand.

** <:: That's it, wrap it up. ::> Could be heard coming from the Divisional Leader as the Squadron of Metropolice Unit's engaged it clean-up right after the Investigation Jury, Judge and Savage identified the Anti-Civil Suspect's that surrendered during the fire-fight. Nothing new.. Just a bunch of people that managed to find military grade weaponry and equipment: Nothing heard about any Lombda Force, as expected.

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 would begin his patrol session; Keeping in touch with his fellow Unit's via hand-held radio, saying,''Unit; Apex, 473311 moving into District Lane 300-400. Currently no Anti-Civil Activity, over.''

** Multiple Unit's would be heard,''10-4, Roger that, Copy.'' through the radio frequency. The Apex Unit spotted something off the corner of his Face-Plate lenses.. A Movement Violating Citizen.

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 would begin to sprint after the Movement Violator; Talking through his radio, saying,''I've got a Movement Violation Suspect at my 10-20; District Lane 300-201; He's spotted me and has not stopped running! Officer on pursuit!'' Sooner or later catching up the the Running Citizen before attempting to preform a leap onto the Male Citizen's back.. Tackling him to the ground if successful.

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 roll's 55/100

** Male Citizen roll's 45/100

** The Male Citizen received a unexpected tackle to the ground, unable to react quick enough with a direct evade.

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 would begin to force the Male Runner to the ground; Making him face the ground belly-first. Attempting to keep his knee pressed down on his back before lifting the Male Runners arms and hands behind his back. (Would the Citizen resist?) *(Giving the Citizen Player a chance to resist)*

** The Male Citizen would not resist.. Having lost too much stamina and would be too weak and badly fed to do anything, struggling but staying in place none the less.

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 would begin to use his off hand to reach for his Dual-Utility Belt; Warning the Male Citizen not to move as the Unit began to tie the Male Citizen. Taking to his radio once he was finished, saying,''No need for assistance, I've got him now. Judge, Jury, Savage.. Final Verdict?''

** It would take a short moment for the Unit's to answer on the radio, saying,''Re-educate!''

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 would answer the radio, saying,''10-4; Proceeding with re-education.''

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 would lower his attention to the Male Citizen laying tied on the ground; Letting out a growly *Chuckle* from behind the Vo-Coder.. Beginning to remove the Stun-Baton from his Dual-Utility Belt and setting the :Voltage: to :Mode (5):

** CCA-APEX.05.47311 <:: Suspect, prepare to receive civil judgement! ::>

** The Apex Unit would begin to show little no mercy against the Male Citizen; Starting with three strong beating's with the Stun-Baton until the Male Citizen was rendered unconscious.. Soon after untying the Male Citizen and walking off, saying,''Alright.. You can go.'' Laughing as the walked away.


Name; Nickolas C. Phett.

Age; Thirty-Eight.

In-Game Description: [|]: A Physically Fit Male Figure In His Late-Thirtes, Baring a Light-Spoken Tone Of Voice With a Noticeable American Accent. Currently Wearing A Tattered Set Of Civilian Clothing. :[|]

Concise Backstory (2 paragraphs, 4 lines each): Nickolas C. Phett, previously known as 'Carmine' by the Civil Worker's Union and Civil Force as a friendly, lazy and relaxed Cafe General Store-Owner in Induatrial Sector; Fourty-Five before his relocation. He, himself doesn't remember City Fourty-Five too much.. But, knowing well that he had a steady life even at the control of the Universal Union. Being a 'Street-Smart' and sociable guy, Nickolas was able to find common-ground with a handful of Civil-Force Officer's that came by his store for information or a cup of hot coffee. Which, marked him as a 'Loyalist' by a local gang of thug's looking to start trouble that resulted in Nickolases' mugging, and robbery of his once precious store.. Burned down to the ground with everything he once held dear turned to ash. What was once a generally nice guy turned into a quiet, rebelliously and dangerously care-free shadow of his former self.

Slowly, but noticeabely forgetting himself, and the people around him before drinking himself into a deep sleep... Awoken by the loud siren of a train reaching it's destination.

Motivation For Joining: I will serve the Civil Force by ensuring the populance is compliant and stand no chance of rebelling or even disrupting day to day life. I'm the face of the Union, and it's boot, stomping on any potential trouble makers.

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Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Mum on Thu Jul 07, 2016 4:10 pm

Impressive. +Support

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Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Draconic on Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:41 pm

Agreeing with Mommy here, stellar job.
Well, welcome to the CCA.

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Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: Sergeant Russian's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

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