Tez's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

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Tez's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Tezavor on Thu Jul 07, 2016 5:23 pm


•What is your average total play time on our server?: Around 8 hours, although I am unsure.

•What makes you want to join the force?: Being my favourite faction to play as, I've got a lot of experience with being a unit. I can tell when to fearrp and when to stop myself from being too edgy. I also have the general codes and such hardwired into my brain from RPing as a unit in other servers.

•Have you been on the MPF force on any other server? If so, what rank did you reach?: The first unit I ever had on any server got to the rank of 02, which was good for a start. Add that onto the pile of experiences I had and my highest ranking unit I ever had was Divisional Leader.

•What is your experience on HL2RP as a whole?: Back in 2012 my friend invited me to HL2RP, and he would teach me the basics and stuff. The same year I got my first application accepted (Civil Workers Union) and I became an admin on a community before it shut down because the owner was diagnosed with a mental illness. After that I was bobbing in and out of servers trying to find a community, until now.


**CCA-05.12345 would prop himself against the hot metal, tapping his flickering stunstick against his leg occasionally telling general citizens to move along. A painstaking 29°c was starting to make his body swell up within his metal plated armour. He would notice a citizen approach him, before getting off the metal and standing up in proper form.

**Citizen approaches the unit flickering his CID at the unit in a fast motion, attempting to walk through the checkpoint.

CCA-05.12345 says "<:: Hold it! ::>"

**Citizen would attempt to sprint past the unit into the street.

**CCA-05.12345 would quickly start running after the citizen, radioing in "<:: 11-99, 10-20 checkpoint! ::>" before attempting to tackle the citizen in front of him.

**Citizen would be tackled to the ground, the two figures crashing into a nearby wall.
**CCA-05.12345 would quickly get on top of the citizen, pulling out his stunstick he would set the voltage to high.

**Citizen would grab the units stunstick attempting to overpower him.

**CCA-05.12345 would quickly shift his stunstick away from the citizens hand, he would attempt to smack the stunstick into his temple with brute force.

**Citizen would quickly be knocked out, a bit of blood dripping from his head.

**CCA-05.12345 would get up, turning off his stunstick he would clip it to his belt radioing in "<:: 10-26, bringing 647E to Nexus Detainment. ::>" before grabbing the citizen by the collar and dragging him off into the Nexus.


•Name: Teniko Zhao

•Age: 26

•In-Game Description: 6'1 | Chinese Accent | Stubble | Black Hair | Citizen Clothing | Clean Boots |

•Concise Backstory (2 paragraphs, 4 lines each): March 6th, 1990 was when Teniko Zhao was born. His mother died giving birth to him and he grew up with an abusive father who would never really let him go outside. He spent most of his time drawing and studying as well as being homeschooled by his father. During a meditating session, the UU came with their roaring machines with gunfire in the distance. All he saw was his father being brutally beat to death infront of him.

After the 7 hour war, Teniko didn't know where to go and scavenged the abandoned areas for resources until he was brought in by the newly-formed resistance group. There, he spent his time exercising and target practising while catching up on education he missed. When the time was right, he would be let out into a city at the age of 18 to live his own life. First it was City 8 for a couple years, then he was transferred to City 17 and eventually City 17's Industrial sector.

•Motivation For Joining: I believe great things start because of little things. Being saved from a near-death experience by a unit showed me how loyal and protective the CCA can really be, and it made me think of myself saving other citizens. This is why I want to join the CCA."

-Teniko Zhao


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Re: Tez's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Savador Frost on Thu Jul 07, 2016 8:20 pm

On the bright side you fixed it up a bit.

Savador Frost

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Re: Tez's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Draconic on Fri Jul 08, 2016 9:01 am

Huge improvement from your previous one.
Although, the RP is slightly lackluster.
However, you still get my support.

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Re: Tez's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Mum on Sun Jul 10, 2016 7:37 pm

By line, we mean that you have to do 15 interactions between the two. Not that 15 total lines of text are there. Still, nice, I guess. The text colour is eye rape, so next time, fix that. Accepted

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Re: Tez's Combine Civil Authority Application (ACCEPTED)

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