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Loyalist Point system suggestion <3 Empty Loyalist Point system suggestion <3

Post by Davie on Sun Jul 10, 2016 3:49 pm

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What are you suggesting?:I am suggesting an addition to the LP system, Where you could redeem loyalist point for different things, Such as 10LP for 5 Tokens, Think of it like arcade tickets, And the loyalist ranks would tie in, as well, Unlocking new things for them to spend their LP on and making quality of life better the higher up you go in the loyalist ranks even more.

Why do you think this would help the server?:I beleive it would provide more incentive for loyalists, Cutting down rebel population in the future, And giving us an easy way to deal with possible overflow, As well as giving more purpouse for LP and giving CP just a tad more to do.w

Would it be easy to implement?:Yes, Insanely easy as a matter o'fact.

Who does the change affect?:Everyone, loyalist and rebel alike, CP and anyone else.


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