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Post by Soap! on Tue Jun 28, 2016 2:34 am

Well hello there, my name is Soap! (AKA: UNION Divisonal 54969) It's quite possible I've roleplayed with you before; sorry for killing you btw. Anyways to preface, I'm making this guide so there is no confusion on Body armour within the server.

So to re-iterate. This is a realistic guide on what body armour protects you against.

We'll start off with the basics.

Level 3A

Level 3A is standard Body Armour up to and including i3 in the CCA, it is made out of Kevlar; so it degrades after every shot the vest endures. This level can stop anywhere up to and including .357 Magnum, that's not to say the impact of which will not hurt or stun your character, kevlar is a soft bendable material and has a lot of give, so the kinetic energy of the round impacting your chest will hurt you.

Modern Body Armour Guide 10-x-12-ASC-Carbon-Nanotube-IIIA-Soft-Body-Armor
An example of a level 3A insert.

Level 3

Level 3 is standard Body Armour for i2-i1 and EpU's in the CCA, it's made out of AR-500 steel therfor it doesn't degrade much after every round, with a thick coating of rubber to stop bullet spall. (Bullet spall is fragments made after it impacts the metal.) It can stop up to a 7.62x51mm (.308) Full Metal Jacket. And since it is made out of metal; it doesn't have much give, so the kinetic impacts are heavily lessened. (But still relevent)

Modern Body Armour Guide AR500_Armor_Level_III_10x12_Front
An example of a level 3 insert.

Level 3+

Level 3+ is standard body armour for OfC's and DvL's in the CCA. It is not very much different from a Level 3 plate that it is based off of, minus the fact it can now stop a Black tip (AP) 7.62x51mm round.

Modern Body Armour Guide AR500_Armor_Level_III__10x12_Front
An example of a level 3+ Insert

Level 4

Level 4 is standard body armour for CMD and SeC. It's a ceramic plate with a kevlar back, which means the quality of the body armour, degrades incredibly quickly after each shot, however; you pay for that by being able to stop a 7.62x63(30-06) Black Tip round.

Modern Body Armour Guide AR500_Armor_Level_IV_Plate_08
An Example of a Level 4 Insert

Level 4+

Level 4 Plus, well. Technically doesn't exist; however with some combine intervention one could assume it easily could. How I imagine level 4+ working is exactly the same as a level 4, it just doesn't degrade with each shot. It's issued to and OTA.

No Image available for 4+

Thanks for reading my guide!


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