The Bloody Advocate's Staff Application (ACCEPTED)

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The Bloody Advocate's Staff Application (ACCEPTED) Empty The Bloody Advocate's Staff Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by The Bloody Advocate on Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:10 pm

Steam Name: The Bloody Advocate

Steam ID:

How long have you been a member of Orion Roleplay for?: Two weeks

What is your average total play time?:
Four to six hours, consecutive.

Have you taken up a staff position on any other sever? If so, what server, what position, and for how long?: I was an admin on SN1PE buildRP early October 2010 and remained an admin until early 2012 where I moved on to serious RP. Late 2012, I became operator on a break away community (I can't remember the name, I'm afraid). I was rapidly promoted to admin and then to SA as the owner shirked his duties and just left the work in the laps of the staff. From there, the community died after donors left and funding ceased. Moving on, I helped found DTJNB with Dr.Nathan100. After a summer's operation, we were forced to shut down after school hit us harder than anticipated. From there, I took part in SN1PE's attempt at Serious RP, acting as advisor and interim SA until an adequate member in the community came forward. I was then banned permanently after the new SA believed I was no longer needed and that I would threaten their authority. Afterwards, Dr.Nathan100 and I started Onyx, lasting a year before college, yet again, ruined our time schedules. I then joined Dynex, became an operator when it was rebranded to False-Liberties, promoted to admin, then as SA during its dying days. The community came under new management and was rebranded as Mystique, myself being promoted to Head Admin. This lasted less than four months as the community quickly fell apart under the owner's indecisive favoritism for toxic players. Through all of these communities, I was often acting as both admin and a form of canon interpretation and new player education (focusing on guides).

Why do you want to undergo service for this server?: I believe that active participation in both visible and hidden aspects of communities helps foster a healthier environment for the community at large as well as makes new players feel more welcome to stay. I hope to ensure continued fairness and prevent players from being treated specially without some degree of deliberation between staff and those that would be impacted by the change.

Do you have a recommendation from any current staff member?: Soap has endorsed my bid.

How much experience in HL2:RP do you have?: As of time of writing, four years.

Why did you leave your last dedicated server?:
It was on a downwards spiral and the owner continued to give in to pressure from toxic members of the community, despite my urgings. I had grown tired of putting energy into a project that fostered a favoritism mentality.
The Bloody Advocate
The Bloody Advocate

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The Bloody Advocate's Staff Application (ACCEPTED) Empty Re: The Bloody Advocate's Staff Application (ACCEPTED)

Post by Soap! on Tue Jul 12, 2016 5:14 pm

As he put in his application; He's got my +support

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