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CCA Official Training Day Empty CCA Official Training Day

Post by Draconic on Tue Jul 12, 2016 7:59 pm

As a lower-ranking unit within the Combine Civil Authority, training is something every unit should be looking forward to. Eager to climb the ranks in order to finally wield the weapons you truly desire. The satisfaction of having other units finally respect you. The pleasure of finally being able to have other units under your command instead of being ordered around all the time. Training is truly an acitivy to be eager for. However, units may not ask for training and immediately recieve it, no. Nor may an official decide to train a unit whenever they feel like it. (RCTs excluded.) Training day is officially Saturday. This allows for a week time-span to oocur before units may be rewarded with another rank-up. With all the time within a week, this allows for units to recieve recommendations, blackmarks, develop their character even further, and etc. If units are to recieve training on a day that isn't the official training day, all trained units and the training officer will be punished.

Your cooperation is appreciated, long live the Universal Union!


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CCA Official Training Day Empty Re: CCA Official Training Day

Post by Trusty McCoolguy on Wed Jul 13, 2016 11:13 pm

This is a good setup. Lets people know not to try to scheme to get up higher faster than they should, encourages long-term rp, and gives higher level units a day to plan to be on so that they can train people smoothly. A+ idea.
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