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CWU Position Responsibilities Empty CWU Position Responsibilities

Post by The Bloody Advocate on Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:27 pm

Worker: Open stores to customers. Clean up CWU offices and storefronts. If time presents itself, complete work assigned by CCA or volunteer for said work.

Supervisor: Focus on making your assigned store more efficient. Handle sales reports and begin condensing them into weekly reports. Deliver weekly reports to the secretary or manager. You may open your own store or be present to watch a shift. Complete work assigned or volunteer for work from the CCA. May suggest rules for their store. May report workers for misconduct.

Secretary: Compare weekly reports to income reports. Address discrepancies. Conduct CWU application interviews and pass along results to the manager. Prepare policy suggestions for meetings to mull over. In lieu of a manager, secretary is manager interim. Manager is assumed gone if unavailable for at least a week. Upon their return, the secretary is returned to original position. You may open shops, but it is preferred workers or supervisors do so. Complete work assigned or volunteer for work from the CCA. May discipline workers for misconduct.

Manager: All responsibilities of the secretary, but required to write out income reports as tokens are tallied. Report amounts to CCA supervisor. May call management meetings.
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