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Post by The Bloody Advocate on Wed Jul 13, 2016 12:04 am

<:: Accessing civilian database... ... ...
<:: Please enter log in credentials.
Username: *****
Password: ****************
<:: Verifying... ... ...
<:: Welcome back
<:: Clerical Unit 92393 Note: Some information in file is rank restricted. Access may be provided by divisional or higher, based on need. Unauthorized access will be flagged on your profile and your terminal logged.
<:: Begin file... ... ...
Name: Hank Thyme
CID: 77144
CWU: Member - Manager Credentials
Registration ID: 9760:00-87
Ranking: Ruby

Known family: Richard Thyme (father; status unknown), Melanie Thyme (mother; deceased; amputated), Joseph Thyme (brother; alive; City 26)

Pre-Union Notes: Recovered records and confirmed statements conclude that Hank Thyme lived in Ireland with his family. Lived a relatively uneventful life. Known education include primary school, secondary, and limited tertiary, focusing on business management. Limited work experience. Family life was stable. No other notable events or connections to be found.

Clerical Comments:
92393: Seems he's pretty much a nobody before the Union arrived. Interesting that he accomplished nothing of even relative note. Average grades, no spelling bee awards, not even honorable mention in sports. Just a face in a crowd.

Post-Union Record: Originally interred in reconstruction camp Onyx outside of Dublin while cities were being prepped. Once complete, he was transferred to City 26. For the largest period here, he was essentially inactive, participating in work shifts when required but making no effort to join either the CWU or CCA. However, when Dr. Alexander P. Groville was appointed the CA there, activity makes a notable shift. Volunteered more often for work and repeatedly attempted to join the city's CWU. At the time, requirements were very strict and he was declined. Kept criminal record nonexistent.

During the first large population shift, Hank was transferred to City 17's industrial district. Here, the CWU restrictions begin to loosen and he is eventually accepted. Loyalist rating increases slowly. Notable events were
uncovering a hidden path into the city from the restricted district as well as a connected base of dissident elements, operating in a CWU and CCA operation to oust a repeated resource thief,
being an active element in saving CCA lives through the report system. Due to the sensitivity as well as reliably consistent intelligence he was providing, he was given his first round of unionization early to ensure continued loyalty. In this period, he is known to have been regarded fondly by a late UNION DvL. The DvL's mental instability seems to have played a factor into future issues shown by Hank.

Clerical Comments:
92393: Seriously. Look into that DvL. He was reacting aggressively to his unionization and it ended very, very badly. I might even think you need a DvL's permission to just see the file, let alone what he did. Most of it might even be censored, full stop.

18923: I was concerned the divisional allowed his mental state to reach what it did. I am even more concerned that there were no steps taken to repair the damage. I believe his case is why we should require medical divisions to learn psychological cues as part of their basic training.

From here, he was transfered to city 18. Continued working with the CWU and was a very public loyalist. The instability of 18 at the time was very well known. Here, he had been attacked in district 3 and left behind a destroyed vehicle. He was found after his attacker had been confirmed to by information provided by two associates. Here, he moved up the ranks of the CWU to become a member of its upper management. After stepping up to fill district manager,
he was tangled in the Dynex Liberties incident. Though he did not play a major role in resolving it, an attempted assassin shot him through his window. After being recuperated, he was confined to the Nexus as an attempt to preserve a moral victory. Here, he suffered multiple heart attacks as brought on by mounting stress. Survival hinged on the efforts of [REDACTED]. After the situation was resolved, his memory of the Nexus was replaced and he was led to believe that
he was transferred to City 26 to resolve mounting CWU problems, suffering poor physical and psychological health due to the workload given to him. After the work had been completed, he was returned to 18 for a brief period. For his dedication, he was given his second round of unionization and permitted to carry a taser and wearing i3 kevlar for his protection. After it was confirmed he was no longer being targeted, these were recollected without issue. During his time in this city, his known associates were a Gelen[DATA CORRUPTED], multiple members of the CCA, as well as a majority of the city's CWU.

Clearical Comments:
92393: A lot of permissions needed for this period. Pretty much, if you need them, you're doing clean up work. Otherwise, let it go. The fewer people that know, the better.

81729: Considering what he's been through, it would be best to just amputate him. We've spent enough resources on the civilian and making few gains. Cut our losses and move on.

10291: It is because we have invested so much that we should continue monitoring him. He is a very open loyalist and, in the cities he has been in, this was vital for the continued image of the Union. He may require some level of maintenance but he is a boon to his communities.

97292: Don't get sappy. Yes, he's useful. No, he's not a community pillar. It's fine that he isn't saving the city all the time but we cannot delude ourselves into thinking the cities 'need' him. I'm still in favor of keeping him on, but that's only if his unionization holds.

Eventually, he was transferred back to 17i. At some point, his entire profile had been wiped, his loyalist ranking as well as his CWU membership being reset to base. Early activity in 17i was recorded to be basic, continued loyalist work. This has since been corrected. He has replaced the previous CWU manager and is noted to be restructuring the city's CWU. Recently, he has completed his final round of unionization.

Clerical Comments:
54969: Don't know how his record was expunged but apparently whoeever transferred him didn't think to check the file that was available to them. In any case, I've fixed it. Keeping an eye on him now.

92393: It happens. I informed the unit that handled his transfer and he's looking into the error. Might have been a software error.

Psyche profile: Weak personality. Will comply with any request a unit makes. Known to be dependent on strong personalities. Formerly, would shy away from units. Firefights bring about anxiety. Will attempt to remove himself from situations involving conflict unless involved in his duties. Recommendation is to use in public works due to willingness to comply.

Non-clerical comments begin below... ... ...
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