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Post by TomAss on Tue Jul 19, 2016 12:50 am

What is your average total time on our server?:

Roughly 5 to 7 hours under the name of Daniel Gannon.

How did the vortigaunts arrive on Earth?:

The vortigaunts first made an appearance in Half life 1 after the portal to Xen was opened (Resonance Cascade). The vortigaunts attempted to flee the combine through the portal to Earth.

How much experience do you have in HL2RP?:

I have been playing Gmod since late Gmod 9 days. I am no stranger to roleplay and I focused on Half life 2 roleplay. I was superadmin of a roleplay HL2RP server four years ago before the owner went MIA.

Have you been a vortigaunt on any other servers?:

I took up the role of vortigaunt occasionally on the server referenced previously.

20 Line RP example as an enslaved or free vortigaunt. > Free vortigaunt. Featuring Uriah from episode 2.

Uriah looks over A'Gah, "This one thinks the youngling has much to learn of the vortessence".

A'Gah touches his newly unchained appendages while listening to the elder.

Uriah peers down the dripping sewer and states, "The vortessence is unity of purpose, the shattering of common shackles, a single road we tread. Youngling understands this, yes?".

A'Gah nods. His body felt stiff and his posture showed his weakness. "This one inquires, why do you aid us?".

Uriah responds, "youngling, you are us, you are a talisman of our victory" Uriah pauses. "You, we dedicate ourselves to you, for you are the embodiment of freedom and success".

A'Gah collects himself and attempts to stand up confidently, "Uriah, let us end this war which forces us to this dedication".

Uriah turns and walks in the opposite direction. "We have much to teach you-"

A'Gah follows suit.

Uriah continues, "we do not seek violence yet we seek retribution. Many years we have been slaves, yes?"

A'Gah takes a noticable pause, "yes?".

Uriah continues further, "humans, the free man, have torn us from our captor Nihilanth. Humans now feel similar fates. Humans becoming monsters, turning against their own kind to appease the combine. We fear for their kind and our own". Uriah stares at A'Gah waiting for a response.

** The sound of a cp radio echoes down the sewer.

A'Gah turns toe and runs sprinting down the sewer sidewalk. A'Gah stumbles and falls repeatedly appearing as though he had hardly ran in years. He runs into the darkness quickly losing his ability to see and understanding of directions. A'Gah flinches as he feels a warm limb touch his arm.

Uriah states, "like we said, you have much to learn of the vortessence". Uriah grips him firmly until light illuminates from A'Gah's hands.

A'Gah becomes relaxed in a moments notice, no longer worrying about the distant noise. A'Gah's fear dissipates as he begins to grasp the concept of the vortessence once again.

** The radio chatter comes closer allowing the vortigaunts to hear the word "biotec" amongst seemingly gibberish sentences.

Uriah speaks in a much more rushed tone, "let us go, we must return but not now".

** Uriah and A'Gah travel through the sewers to a hidden resistance checkpoint.

Uriah dons his signature vortigaunt fitted lab coat. "From this point on, you are A'Gah. You, A'Gah, will reside in the city. You are part of the resistance, you are once again a part of us".

A'Gah says "let us begin".


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TomAss' Vortigaunt Application Empty Re: TomAss' Vortigaunt Application

Post by Soap! on Tue Jul 19, 2016 3:34 pm

RP example is concise, I have never personally even rp'd as one before but from waht I could tell the rp seemed good. I have no problems with this application. +Support

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TomAss' Vortigaunt Application Empty Re: TomAss' Vortigaunt Application

Post by Davie on Thu Jul 21, 2016 3:12 pm

Could use a little work, some spelling mistakes here and there. But all-in-all i'll give this my +Support


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TomAss' Vortigaunt Application Empty Re: TomAss' Vortigaunt Application

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