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Additional Administration Tools Empty Additional Administration Tools

Post by TomAss on Tue Jul 19, 2016 2:34 am

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:31518747

Steam Name:
TomAss (Formerly known as BUY A SWATTA HERE).

What are you suggesting?: I am suggesting the addition of some new tools to the admins of this server. These tools will be invaluable to look at, unfortunately since I am a new member I cannot post a link yet but I will describe them.

    Zombie/NPC Invasion-- This is a highly customizable mod which will constantly spawn random NPC within a certain distance of any player. Potential zombie event?

    Half-Life 2 Tools-- Half-Life 2 themed tools. This includes headcrab canisters, ammo crates, item crates, thumpers, and door tools. (Not all would really get much use).

   Half-Life 2 Tools Extra-- Extremely similar to the previous mod. Up to you.

Why do you think this would help the server?: Like I said previously, this has the potential to make some events amazing.

Would it be easy to implement?: Extremely easily.

Who does the change affect?:
Everyone. The admins will have more toys to play with and the players will get to experience more variation.


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