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Post by Tep5 on Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:30 pm

Please post your application outside of this and put "Vortigaunt App" in the title.

What is your average total time on our server?: About an hour to an hour and a half

How did the vortigaunts arrive on Earth?: Vortigaunts came to earth when Gordon Freeman activated the resonance cascade and the Nihilanth ripped open the portal to Earth, teleporting most, if not all xen life to Earth.

How much experience do you have in HL2RP?: 5 years, all of it as a vort pretty much.

Have you been a vortigaunt on any other servers?: Yes, too many to count.

20 Line RP example as a enslaved or free vortigaunt.
Vort 1: (In vortigese): "Retreat, retreat!"
Vort 2: (In vortigese): "Many are wounded or tired!"
The vortigaunts run, but the OTA are gaining quickly.
Mak'yor:(In vortigese): "Keep going, we shall catch up!"
Mak'yor steps back, facing the OTA and charging up a powerful beam to release into the crowd.
Mak'yor: (In Vortigese): "Leave this place!"
Mak'yor blasts a highly charged vortibeam straight into the front soldier, and a chain reaction begins.
The beam instantly shuts down any unit who is touching the soldier, taking down the front ranks.
A few healthy vortigaunts join Mak'yor, blasting beams into the ranks.
Mak'yor: "Continue fighting brothers, we will retreat once they are weakened!"
The vorts continue blasting beams into the crowd.
OTA begin firing back, injuring one of the vorts, who retreats.
Mak'yor: "Their ranks are weakened, retreat brothers!"
The vorts begin running, the OTA's small numbers in pursuit.
Mak'yor and another vortigaunt stay back to hold back the OTA.
Mak'yor and the other vort continue blasting beams into the crowd.
Mak'yor and the other vort fight for the following ten minutes, fighting long enough for the vorts to get away.
Mak'yor and the other vort begin running, the few remaining OTA gaining quickly.
Mak'yor and the other vort stop, surrending themselves to the OTA.
The OTA grab Mak'yor and the vort tightly, capturing them.


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Tep's vort app Empty Re: Tep's vort app

Post by Draconic on Fri Jul 22, 2016 5:33 pm

Honestly, your RP examples are so bland.

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