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CCA Etiquette (Unfinished) Empty CCA Etiquette (Unfinished)

Post by Mum on Thu Jul 21, 2016 7:38 pm

Regarding Superiors:

  • Unit's superiors start at OfC, and every rank above that. If you are an OfC, EpU is still your superior.
  • Never address your superior in person by their rank or division, unless it is CMD+.
  • Superiors may give orders to their lower ranks of their own division, but orders to different divisions may be overruled by its own superiors
  • Fraternization with superiors is highly discouraged, and will result in extreme punishment if noticed taking any time away from normal duties or if being practiced in the presence of any other units.
  • Orders are to be carried out without question. If you disagree with orders bestowed on you, you have the right to report it to CMD+ and they will look into it.
  • If you salute to a superior and another enters the room, do not salute to the second superior.
  • As long as you are in Nexus, go immediately into attention when a superior addresses you.

Regarding General/Radio Etiquette:

  • Do not use terminology that would damage the Union's view or hurt its goals (e.g. "Questioning" instead of interrogation or torture).
  • Do not hold lethals unless the socio-status is YELLOW or higher.
  • Any side chatter in the radio will not be tolerated.
  • Protocol is to be placed highest unless following such would put your fellow units in danger.
  • Do not change your radio frequency under any circumstance.
  • Keep casual civilian interaction to a minimum. All interactions are to be as concise as possible, excluding time taken to explain assigned works to civilians.
  • Check in regularly. If you are moving from one district to another, you are to immediately inform other units without delay.
  • Vorts must be accompanied if they are going indoors anywhere, or kept in immediate line of sight if cleaning outdoors.
  • When inspecting a civilian, always have them apply regardless of how often you interact with or see them.
  • Act professionally in public. So long as you are in uniform, best behavior is absolutely expected as you reflect the Union.

Regarding Fellow Unit Etiquette:

  • Unless required by protocol, do not explain or reveal protocol to civilians.

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