The Man With a Red Right Hand - Charecter Sheet

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The Man With a Red Right Hand - Charecter Sheet

Post by Maine-Coon on Thu Jul 28, 2016 3:09 pm



-------------------------------------[Back Story]------------------------------------

He used to be a person, guess what. He's not anymore.

--------------------------------[Physical Appearance]-----------------------------
Age: 21


Nicknames: 'The Red Right Hand'

Noticeable Features: His height mainly, aswell as his Uniform.

Height: Six Six
Eye Color: Unknown. Mask visors BLUE

Hair Color: Unknown

------------------------------------[Mental Status]---------------------------------

Sexuality: MALE

Religious Affiliations: Atheism

Moral Affiliation: Morally good


Mental Status: Brainwashed by himself to serve.

---------------------------------------[Skill Set]-------------------------------------

Pros:  Tactical Knowledge, Leadership

Cons: Sometimes can't fit through doors.

Violent - He can get... well let's say "Triggered"

Unsympathetic - Doesn't give a fuck about any one.

Relationship Key:

APEX.OfC - I have nothing to say about the subject.

Everyone else - Imbeciles


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