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Post by The Bloody Advocate on Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:18 pm

As a member of the CWU, you are expected to follow the city’s laws to the letter and provide the example for your fellow citizens. You are not better than the uninitiated in the city but rather hope to set the standard by which the whole of humanity lives by. Your dedication, work ethic, and civility factor heavily into being accepted and will continue to remain important during your tenure. Being brought into the fold does not mean you are now exempt from the expectations of others.

  1. Always assist in public works when time allows. Should you have scheduled work elsewhere in the city or require a respite to ensure peak condition, assistance can wait.
  2. Never delay or hinder an investigation. As a member of the CWU, it is your job to either assist the efforts of the CCA by providing witness statements or evidence that you know of, or by removing yourself from their path so that you do not slow them. Your safety, and the safety of the city, is dependent on the expedience of your protectors and they can only move as quickly as we as a whole allow them.
  3. Your additional rations are not a reward for just being a member. You are given extra sustenance so that you may maintain a heightened workload. It is very possible to lose that privilege should you fail to meet expectations of either the CCA or of the CWU.
  4. Lend a helping hand to citizens that are struggling to get by, should their known behavior not conflict with Union goals. Sometimes, ration cycles can be missed. Sometimes, falling victim to theft puts an individual behind. Ease this burden and encourage others to chip in as well. Being a dedicated worker is not enough to be the pride of the CWU, a servant’s heart should be present as well.
  5. You are not a business owner. You are a public servant. Sales are not to benefit yourself or even the CWU but instead offer a level of stability to the city to help foster growth and unity. Some proceeds will be left for you to use for personal requirements but the rest will go directly towards maintaining the city and providing work for its citizenry.
  6. You are not the assistant to the CCA. Provide usable information for them to take advantage of, offer a polite smile, but do not treat them as subordinates or peers. They are your guardians, not your close friends. Treat them with respect and let them work.

“The ideal citizen is one of compassion; dedication; uncompromising loyalty. These are what the Union hopes to bring out in us. This is what we should all aspire to be.” - Dr. Alexander P. Groville, City Administrator to City 26
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