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Post by The Bloody Advocate on Tue Jul 12, 2016 3:21 pm

Universal Responsibilities

  • Check the offices. Ensure all CWU specific areas are closed off and locked.
  • Ensure all businesses are locked when not in use. Report all unlocked doors to the manager. Report all unlocked back doors to an officer in the CCA.
  • Check business stocks. Make reports of any inconsistency or tampering.
  • Keep radio chatter to a minimal. Use for progress updates, requests, or questions. Casual conversation is discouraged.

Opening and Closing a Business

  1. Do a once over of the building prior to opening. Correct any stock issues, clean any messes, and do prep work if food is handled.
  2. Radio that you are now opening the store.
  3. Unlock the front door for civilians to enter.
  4. Keep a notebook or ledger handy. Mark down all sales and total their token totals.
  5. If attendance remains relatively high and another worker is available, they are able to take over for you. End your ledger and ensure they begin one of their own. You will both be expected to complete a sales report.
  6. When time comes to end your shift, wait for everyone to leave, lock the store, and begin cleaning. After clean up is complete, leave the store.
  7. Radio that you are ending your shift and closing the store.
  8. In the case of an inspection during a shift, inform all current civilians present to report to the closest inspection building - usually the apartments located in the plaza district - and lock the store behind you. It is imperative you do not waste time so all reports and paperwork may remain in the store until after the inspection.
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