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Post by The Bloody Advocate on Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:37 pm

To help keep the community and server running, donations will be needed from time to time. Though we appreciate it dearly, we cannot pretend that it is just out of the goodness of your own heart. You want to see the community continue on and we would like to reward our supporters. However, to be up front, these are privileges, not rights. Any abuse can result in the loss of your rewards and we will not put your donation over the wellbeing of the community.

If you already know the perks click here to go to our donation page. Otherwise, keep reading.

$5 - You will receive a CWU whitelist. This will entitle you to take part in the loyalist organization in the city. Abuse is seen as, but not limited to: breaking standard server rules, making CWU members for the sake of giving resources to resistance/rebels and not actual RP*, remaking amputated/previously uncivil characters as members of the CWU**.

$10 - You will receive PET flags. With these flags, you will be able to decorate your immediate area with server approved props, use a physgun to move them, and a tool gun to apply effects or materials to better suit your need. Note: this does not mean you decorate an apartment and expect all props to remain, if any. Abuse is seen as, but not limited to: prop climbing, prop spamming, prop killing, prop blocking, exploiting tool bugs, spawning props to act as RP items that you did not ICly attain, decorating areas with unrealistic/unattainable items and then treating them as IC without admin approval.

$25 - You will receive an Enslaved Vortigaunt whitelist. Through this, you have the chance - but not the guarantee - of escaping through roleplay. Enslaved Vortigaunts are unable to use the vortessence, may have restrictions due to their shackles, and may only be brought out by certain units for specific work. You may be on your Enslaved Vortigaunt for any reason but you cannot demand to be brought outside. Abuse is seen as, but it not limited to: breaking standard server rules, repeatedly ignoring or disobeying established enslaved canon (IE: using the vortessence while still shackled), attempting to RP your vort as if they are at peak condition while still enslaved.

$50 - You will receive a character - new, cannot be preexisting - that is the equivalent of a ruby tier loyalist that acts as the City Administrator's assistant, residing in the Nexus itself. Note, it is not recommended you make this donation lightly as roleplay competency is expected. Before making your donation, make a 15 line RP example and send it to the administration for approval. If you are declined but you still wish to receive the character eventually, an admin will assist in tutoring you and bringing your roleplay up to expectations. Abuse is seen as, but not limited to: breaking standard server rules, trying to act against ruby tier's level of brainwashing without admin team's approval (IE: acting against a unit without being ordered to by a unit of higher rank), attempting to smuggle items out of the Nexus and to players/resistance outside.

Now that you've done your reading, click here if any of these sound right for you!

*Giving items to resistance elements can be approved by staff but understand that this is a large risk your character is taking. It is the equivalent of a CCA unit doing the same and can get them amputated and PKed.
**Previously uncivil characters need to be ICly redeemed in the eyes of the CCA before they can be admitted into the CWU. They wouldn't be permitted to join without the equivalent of a verified 'doctor's note' from a relatively high ranking unit to confirm their rehabilitation. They will still be watched carefully and even minor infractions will receive swift retribution.
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