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Post by The Bloody Advocate on Tue Jul 26, 2016 8:16 pm

In order to appropriately fill the role of OfC and potentially DvL in a division at any point in time, a new test will be implemented and used by current leadership. It will be delivered by the command ranks of the division or, in lieu of them, the commands of the other divisions or city command ranks. This test will be referred to as CRT in shorthand as well as in their record.

Phase One:
Once promoted to i2, and after a scheduled unionization, a unit may be considered for a leadership position in their division. At this point, DvLs and OfCs may choose to defer to the i2 in non-threatening situations to gauge their responses and see how they handle being put on the spot. How they respond to these situations should be logged on their records for clerical purposes. If they do not seem to fit the leadership role, add that note in their record. All notes are required to come with the digits of the unit that added them.

A citizen has been arrested for committing a crime. However, instead of it being clear cut, there are multiple variables that make it a very complex case. It doesn't quite fit into any standard punishment and, to a degree, their actions may have been justified. The evidence is present and all culprits and victims are accounted for. Instead of an OfC or DvL making the call, they instead contact an i2, requesting their insight under the guise of it being such a complex case. The i2's response, if reflecting reasonable consideration based on the situation, will be logged on their record for future reference. If competent to secure the actual punishment, this too is noted.

Phase Two:
Once promoted to i1, observation and subtle hints shift towards active grooming should their previous behavior show competence or desirable traits. They will still receive treatment seen in Phase One but, eventually, they will be taken aside and provided a hypothetical situation to assess. The situation will be complex and require forward thinking, as well as a hypothetical team for them to consider. Should this prove to be successful, they will be given a physical test to ensure their dedication to the training regime has been upheld. Minor discrepancies may be forgiven but must be corrected before being promoted, should they qualify for the position.

An i1 is provided a situation in which a group of civilians have been taken hostage inside the civilian housing. They are given a team of six for the operation. Only the situational details have been provided. The test provider expects them to inquire about their team, their divisions, previous operations, as well as potential routes, and methods of contacts. The physical test is meant to push a unit to their limits, so much so that by the time they are finished, they will be required to go on an extended break to recuperate. It will cover basic exercises as well more advanced instruction, including but not limited to extended breaches, patrol formations, and extended full equipment use.

As this is put to use, items may be added, changed, or removed to better suit the needs of the CCA. Consider checking in at times to see if there has been an update.
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