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Post by ChipChip on Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:47 pm

What is your average total time on our server?: 1hr

How did the vortigaunts arrive on Earth?: Resonance Cascade

How much experience do you have in HL2RP?: 3.5k Hours

Have you been a vortigaunt on any other servers?: Yes

20 Line RP example as a enslaved or free vortigaunt.

UNION-04.53252 radios "We have a biotic in the Nexus lobby, permission to release, and supervise his cleaning?"

** "Granted" is heard from the radio

UNION-04.53252 radios "10-4, releasing and supervising."

BIOTIC.19471 (Gal'Ha) says "What is the masked ones wish?"

UNION-04.53252 says "I will be supervising you during the cleaning biotic."

BIOTIC.19471 (Gal'Ha) says "Thissss one will doooo as the masked one wishes"

** BIOTIC.19471 (Gal'Ha) waits for the unit to escort him out of the nexus lobby, grabbing his broom after the unit opens the door

** UNION-04.53252 opens the door, going out first, turning around to see if the biotic walks out. Walking towards the biogate, unlocking it, then allowing the biotic to leave

BIOTIC.19471 (Gal'Ha) says "Where will thisssssss one clean first masked one?"

** UNION-04.53252 points towards the UCH with his right index finger, saying "You will be cleaning the first floor, second, and so on.", then allows the biotic to go first, walking behind him afterwards

** BIOTIC.19471 makes a quick and brief nod towards the unit, walking off to the UCH. His broom still in his right hand

** BIOTIC.19471 opens the door, seeing as the entire first floor is extremly. Trash everywhere, dirt, and a few broken items. He mutters "Humanssssss doooo not know..... How to keep clean." then saying towards the unit "Thisssss one.... Is in neeeeeed of a box, masked one." He then proceeds to sweep the closest object, sweeping it towards a corner, along with other items

UNION-04.53252 radios "Uhhh.... I need a large cart, 10-20 is the UCH, there's alot of trash in here. The biotic can't carry all of it."

** An unknown unit can be heard from the radio saying "So uhhh..... Where are the car- Oh, they're infront of me, duh. Anyways, inbound."

** BIOTIC.19471 continues to sweep the items, and dirt on the floor, putting them in different piles and corners

** JUDGE-05.13519 opens the doors, grabbing the cart by its' edge, putting it inside UCH, and near the biotic. Looking around the area, seeing it's dirty. Saying "Wow, this is really dirty, you weren't kidding Union." Waiting for a response for the Union, leaving afterwards. Closing the door behind him

UNION-04.53252 says "I wasn't really suprised, UCH is never clean. Alright, you can go back Judge."

** BIOTIC.19471 props his broom against the nearest wall as soon as the unit brung the cart, going to the first corner he has made, gathering it in his arms, dropping it in the large cart. He then goes towards pile number two, continuing the cycle.

** BIOTIC.19471 takes the broom from the wall, putting it in both his hands, then going towards the rest of the dirt and trash, sweeping it towards the cart

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Vortigaunt Applications Empty Re: Vortigaunt Applications

Post by Draconic on Wed Jul 13, 2016 4:24 pm

Nice, you clearly demonstrate you can RP properly.
You have my +support.

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Vortigaunt Applications Empty Re: Vortigaunt Applications

Post by The Bloody Advocate on Fri Jul 22, 2016 12:10 am

I can seriously vouch for Chip's roleplay. He would be a very solid addition to the community and help set the standard for Vortigaunt RP.
The Bloody Advocate
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Vortigaunt Applications Empty Re: Vortigaunt Applications

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